UPDATES – $674 final tally!

Cheese Day is scheduled for end of April 2014!  We will have a photographer to take fun shots of the patients and their families, if the patients and the hospital allow we’ll post some of them here.

We discussed the pros and cons of how to structure the cheese day.  While keeping it simple would be beneficial for our first time doing something like this, keeping it simple would mean not serving the patients who need it the most.  So we decided to keep it a little less simple and try to provide something for all the patients.  This means we’ll set up in the art center for the outpatients and the inpatients who are able to come to us, but also to bring a cart around to the inpatients who are not up to leaving their rooms.


It’s been a while since the last update, but we’ve got some exciting news to report.  We met with the art therapy staff yesterday, and they gave us quite a lot of good information.  They showed us the various rooms that we may be able to use, and they told us about how many people to expect at different times of day for either inpatient (45) or clinic (up to 100).  They also gave us a point of reference for cost – a group that does similar events at the hospital spends $1000 – $3500, and they do a nice job in that price range.  The low end of that range is easily doable for us, and we’re hoping to get donations from local businesses.  Natalee’s Song will provide things like costumes and other items that can be used from year to year.

We also talked to them about a date – although we found a couple of dates near Rachel’s birthday in March, that timeframe may not prove feasible.  There is a flu restriction in place, which happens every year, and it means that visitors (including volunteers) are not allowed in patient areas.  The problem is there is no way foresee when the CDC will lift the flu restriction.  It may be the beginning if March, it may be the end.  The hospital staff will be able to give us 1 week notice, but since we’ll be dealing with perishable items, we need to assess whether or not the risk of rescheduling is too burdensome.  If we decide to take the risk, we’ll schedule the event for the first week in March with a backup date in April – if we decide not to take the risk we’ll schedule the event for April.

More details as we know them!


THANKS so much to Grandma Ellen and Pops Stan for our first donation!!!  And for rallying the troops!  More thanks to Nanny Pearl, Diana H. and Aunt Ilene & Uncle Stu, the Barrett clan, Aunt Claire, Avis and Fred, and Laurie.

In addition to the donations above, Haley and Samantha will be donating $300 to the cheese day – that brings the tally to almost $700!  We have found out that our contacts at CNMC are the Art Therapy team, a kind and supportive group of people who knew Rachel well and cared about her.  We are hoping to meet with them in December.

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