Take the Cheese Pledge

Great news!  We have been working to arrange donations through Natalee’s Song, and are nearly there.  Natalee’s Song is a non-profit organization with years of experience “raising funds to facilitate individual acts of kindness to children facing childhood leukemia or other diseases and/or to donate funds to specific organizations who share the same goals”.Please consider making a donation of $18 for Rachel’s Cheese Day.  $18 can pay for 2 pizzas or a large cheesecake, and 18 is a spiritual number because of its relation to the Hebrew word for life – “chai” (not pronounced like the tea!).  At this time there are 3 ways to donate:

1) Paypal is a safe, easy, and effective way to donate funds.  Be sure to let us know what type of cheese product you want your donation to be used for.  Thank you!

2) If you prefer to send a check, send an email with the ‘Ask A Question’ link and we will email you the address.  Fair warning, we will only send our address to you if we know you.  While we appreciate all donations, please understand that we need to protect our safety and privacy.  UPDATE: Sorry folks, spammers pirated the email address which has had to be removed. :-( The only way to contact us is if you know us.

3) Visit our GoFundMe page. This option is offered as a convenience, but please be aware that GoFundMe will keep 5% of the funds in addition to processing fees.  While we appreciate all donations, please understand that this option will leave us a little less money for cheese. (Natalee’s Song will replace this option soon!)